Electricians in Daventry from NAPIT Accredited Electricians

The Northamptonshire market town of Daventry is situated thirty minutes from our home in Brackley. Charlton Installation Services Ltd already have a sizeable number of domestic, commercial and industrial clients in the area. We are accredited NAPIT contractors, working under the terms and conditions of the NAPIT Full Scope Scheme.

All of our electricians carry ID cards stating who they are and what type of work they are qualified to undertake. Because we are accredited with NAPIT, our company also qualifies to be a part of the Government Trustmark Scheme. Clients in Daventry who use our electricians are assured of professional standard workmanship on every project undertaken.

The Government Trustmark Scheme shows that a company has sufficient public liability insurance, stringent health and safety practices and an ethical approach to customer service. Our electricians are regularly audited by NAPIT, who inspect the quality of our workmanship and ensure we follow current building control regulations.

While audits are not mandatory, they provide benefits for our company and for our customers in the Daventry area. Our electricians take immense pride in the work that they do and by reinforcing the correct working practices through NAPIT, we are able to deliver a professional, trusted service that inspires customer confidence.

All work undertaken by our electricians is completed under contract and backed by NAPIT’s own work quality guarantee. If you live in Daventry and have work undertaken by a NAPIT tradesman, your warranty will ensure that any installation work is still compliant with industry standards for six years – even if the contractor is no longer in business.