Electricians in Brackley with Solar Panel Installation Services

We are Charlton Installations, a highly experienced team of electricians working from centrally located headquarters in Brackley. We are PV solar panel and power specialists with a full range of solar panel installation services which harness photovoltaic energy for valued customers in the surrounding Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas.

Sunlight doesn’t cost a thing so any power you derive from a solar panel installation is free. For every unit of energy harnessed from photovoltaic technology, you’ll instantly make savings on your annual energy bills – plus possible welcome returns on your investment!

With utility rates climbing and natural resources dwindling, you could future-proof supply requirements at your home in Brackley, or anywhere else in the surrounding areas, by choosing our friendly electricians. We also provide supporting electrical services covering all repair, maintenance and installation needs on a domestic and commercial scale.

Grants and Payments with our Solar Electricians in Brackley

As soon as our electricians in Brackley finish a solar panel installation, you’ll qualify for rewards through government incentives based on every unit of power generated. The feed-in tariff provides tax-free and index-linked payments for surplus units of PV solar panel power exported to the national grid. The government have guaranteed feed-in tariff payments for twenty years – a tempting bonus which could earn you money!

Photovoltaic energy is completely clean so there are never any harmful by-products released into the atmosphere. Our electricians in Brackley help to lower carbon footprints because there is no depletion of natural resources and no carbon dioxide pollutants to worry about. Solar panels decrease personal CO2 emissions by thirty tonnes over a lifetime.

For professional services in and around Brackley from time-served electricians, contact the team at Charlton Installations today at 01280 709830.