Electrical Contractors in Brackley | Full and Partial Rewiring Services

Charlton Installations, an independent business based in Brackley, has a reliable team of electricians with the operational scope to perform full and partial rewiring work for its customers and clients. Our electrical contractors also provide rewiring services in the neighbouring areas. If you require a rewire as part of a property renovation project or to complete electrical installations inside your home or business, we are here to help.


We have domestic electricians and commercial electricians on our team so, no matter which type of property you need us to work at, Charlton Installations still offer the ideal solution. Please contact us on 01280 709830 to arrange a prompt inspection, survey and quotation.


Electrical rewiring, by its very nature, is complex in design and a major undertaking that requires the talents of the most skilled electrical contractors. It isn’t always easy to recognise signs of damaged or deteriorated wiring, particularly inside Brackley properties with an intact structure that doesn’t reveal everything that’s going on behind the surface.


That’s why we recommend that you book an inspection with domestic electricians every 10 years for owner-occupied properties and every 5 years for rented homes. Business owners in Brackley should also arrange inspections, but with commercial electricians, every 5 years.

Electrical Rewiring Made Simple


Full electrical rewiring falls under mandatory legislation set out in the Building Regulations. These regulations cover specific fire safety, ventilation and accessibility issues that domestic electricians or commercial electricians might encounter during a full (or partial) rewiring project. The electrical contractors at Charlton Installations work in full compliance of Part P and Part M requirements, which mainly control the work of domestic electricians.


Rewiring projects, electrical installations and electrical repairs for the commercial sector fall under different directives, many of which fall under the umbrella of the HSE.


When we encounter domestic properties with occupants living inside, electrical rewiring work sometimes presents a different set of hurdles. These are hurdles that the team at Charlton Installations always overcome. Our domestic electricians in Brackley keep disruption to a minimum and ensure working outlets remain available for use at all times.


We never leave any work in progress electrically live or unboxed.


After full or partial rewiring projects, our domestic and commercial electricians undertake full safety inspections and issue the relevant certification and warranties. Changes made to the electrical safety regulations during 2005 now demand that all work completed, in Brackley and on a nationwide basis, meets the required governmental standards.


Our electrical contractors are fully conversant with these latest requirements. Please read the testimonials of previous customers who have used us for rewiring work in the past.

Contact our electrical contractors on 01280 709830. We provide full and partial rewiring services in the Brackley area.